Dangling from clothes-lines.

One of my co-workers got a cab into work today. "The physics lab, please.", he said. "Certainly, sir. But, maybe first you can answer a question I have about black holes.."

Only in Cambridge.

(Also, gah. You know you're getting old when you're sitting across from what seem to be a group of 14-ish year-old girls, and hear one of them say "exponential function".)

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I'm heading off to Boston tomorrow, for two weeks. This means, unfortunately, that I'll be missing out on playing in the annual chess club vs. bridge club football match. I can picture it now:

Them: "Okay, good luck."
Us: "Luck? Oh, no, see, we play *real* games."

One is the loneliest number

mjg59 took me to the pub and got me drunk and I appear to have spent all night ranting incandescently about how the Amiga A500 Batman Pack was the zenith of 68000 games programming, and everything (except Gravity Force 2) is but a horrifically poor comparison.


I think this line's mostly filler.

I've started work. If you're in Cambridge (and especially if you're near the Cavendish Lab), it'd be good to meet you; I don't know many people here at all.

The job seems great so far. However, none of the machines in my office appear to have sound cards. Being a geek, this is clearly an excuse to buy something new and shiny instead of just finding a PCI sound card in a skip somewhere. So, I started to look at iPods. But then I began to think "Well, if I'm going to pay > 150 quid for something that lets me listen to music, why not get something that lets me use my mobile (or wireless) to ssh, too?". So, with the Zaurus discontinued, I seek recommendations for similar gadgets. :)

If I ever write a book, this'll be in it.

"It felt plausible to begin with, but the realisation soon came that such relationships come to consume more time and energy with every breath, imbuing themselves with stored pressure and difficulties until you wonder why you're there in the first place. Joe thought to himself that this was much like the OpenBSD ports system, where you want to install wget, but then you have to install gettext and gmake and iconv and before you know it you're in FUCKING GNU DEPENDENCY HELL HLAGHLAGHLAGH. Joe sighed."